Park Omaha Partners

In an effort to boost the number of public parking spaces and help visitors easily locate them in the popular downtown area, the City of Omaha launched the Park Omaha Partners program. It is a unique partnership where residents or businesses can add their unused spaces (at different times of the day) to the Park Omaha network through a shared parking model.

Potential partners will apply to be included in the program. Once accepted, Park Omaha Partner locations will be located on the Park Omaha interactive map. Information including the intersection where the lot is located, rates and hours of operation will be listed in an expanded view on the map, along with the option for individuals to pay for parking with the Park Omaha App.

Interested in becoming a Park Omaha Partner?

If your residential or business building has unused parking spaces (for example after 5 p.m. or on weekends) and you would like to be part of the shared Park Omaha Partner program, fill out the form below or call City of Omaha Parking Division at 402-444-PARK to learn more.

How many spaces will you have available for public parking?
Please describe your current basic hours of operation and rates.