In an effort to develop micro-mobility in Omaha, the City has partnered with Lime and Spin to introduce electric scooters into the transportation system. Scooters allow citizens to travel short distances with ease, and have fun while doing it!

A pilot program with these companies will be taking place in Omaha until November, 2019. During this time, the Parking and Mobility Division will observe riding habits and patterns, take customer feedback, and identify any issues that need to be fixed before officially integrating scooters into Omaha.

The maximum speed of the scooters is 15mph, making them unsuitable to ride on sidewalks or on streets with a speed limit of 35mph or more. Available scooters can be found through the Spin and Lime apps, which contain a map of docking stations and prohibited areas highlighted in red. Riders are encouraged to wear helmets at all times while on a scooter.


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