Along with garage facilities, the City of Omaha owns and operates several surface lots, which are available for public parking. Please use the Park Omaha app to pay for parking at these locations:

Monthly parking options also are available. To obtain a monthly parking permit, contact the City of Omaha Parking & Mobility Division at 402-444-PARK. Download, complete and return the monthly parking application form.

Private vs. Public/Park Omaha Partner affiliated lots

Public parking spaces will be available in Park Omaha Partner garages and lots. Through a unique program, private lot owners and operators have the ability to market their unused spaces. It is easy to find extra public parking lots, by looking for the Park Omaha Partners signs or finding them on the interactive map. You can download an entire list of city parking facilities. However, availability may be limited in some locations. Call 402-444-PARK for additional information.

Benefits to using Park Omaha and Partner lots

If you park in a City of Omaha owned lot, garage or through a Park Omaha Partner, you can expect consistent parking rates, which are clearly posted, updated equipment and security features. These parking facility options may also provide protections against price gouging and/or potential towing issues from independent lot owners/operators.